Monday, October 10, 2011

Harrison's Number Two

Yep, you guessed it!  Harrison now has TWO teeth!  Oh, is that not what you thought I was going to say?  Well what....oh're gross.  Anyway, H-tooth part deux is right next to the other one, so he's got a reverse chipmunk smile and as if it were possible, he is now even cuter.  He is also moving faster than ever, has learned how to get up the step from the living room to the rest of the house (very easily, I might add) and how to get back down.  That part is kind of a rolling belly-flop thing that left him looking a little stunned afterwards.  

The way Harrison is moving around can still not really be classified as a crawl.  He pulls with his arms, pushes with his feet, and does it so well that I'm not sure he still plans on actually crawling at all.  Especially since he is also pulling himself up to a standing position.  Yeah, we have lots going on right now.  

We took our third post-birth trip to Houston this weekend and he was an amazing little trooper the entire way there.  Unfortunately, he was alone in the backseat for the ride home and cried for four hours on the way back to Dallas, taking a couple of short breaks to nap and reenergize for the next stretch of crying.  That sort of killed any urge I had to drive back to Houston anytime soon.  We'll be flying next time for sure!

We are having a great time in our house.  Always lots of work to do, but it's still so much more fun than cramming our whole lives into a tiny second-floor apartment.  This weekend will be Harrison's first trip to the State Fair, soon after will be his first Halloween, then Thanksgiving.  I love this time of year, and these are all the things I was looking forward to last year at this time when I was pregnant.  It's here!  And HE'S here!  I am so happy with my life...