Thursday, January 13, 2011

Pee and Stuff

Well...we have about four and a half weeks to go - and guess who decided that being head-down, like he's supposed to be, just wasn't fun anymore?  Yep.  Two stubborn parents apparently make equally stubborn babies and he his now resting his little head on my ribs.  My doctor told me that maybe she's wrong but she doesn't think so, and then told me NOT to Google breech babies.  Which, to me, tells me that there is something she doesn't want me to worry about.  So I came back to work after my appointment and Googled breech babies.  I get on my own nerves sometimes.  She was right, I should not have read all that.  However, we're just going to hope he's a good little boy and goes back to where he was (and soon) so that I do not have to wallow in a new set of fears.  Ultrasound in two weeks - he has two weeks to make me proud.  MOMMY DOES NOT WANT A C-SECTION! 

In the meantime, we have boxes to unpack that seem to go on forever, a shower to go to pretty soon, and maybe someday we'll even start looking into daycares and pediatricians.  I used to be so good at planning things.  What on earth made me stop now, of all the times in my life...?  I've even influenced my unborn baby to not plan ahead.  

Zoe seems to be liking her new digs enough to not pee all over them for now.  She (so far) has the run of her new home while we are not there, and she's either holding it all day, or doing a really superb job of hiding her little indiscretions.  However, I am spending much more of my day walking around in freezing temps waiting for her to sniff every blade of grass we encounter, but whatever works, right?  The concept she clearly has not grasped yet is that Peyton lives with her now, and so he gets five times the greeting I do when we walk in the door.  For me it's, "Oh heeeey....*yawn*'re home, huh?  That's nice."  Peyton gets, "OMG, OMG, I thought I was never going to see you again, but you're here, you actually came back! Let's HUG!"  Cute. She forgets who feeds her, obviously. 

As far as hoping the baby comes early, I think I've changed my mind.  For today at least.  I just realized yesterday that all of the things we do without thinking about them or planning ahead are coming to an end.  Like deciding to go out to eat at the last minute.  Or going to bed early because we're tired.  Or watching a movie all the way through.  Or wearing the same shirt for six straight hours without getting any pee or poop or spit-up on it.  You know, all the luxuries that we don't even know are luxuries just yet.  I think I need every day I can get right now to bask in them.  But I reserve the right to change my mind once again when I can't tie my own shoes later today.  


  1. I really do think that if you made all these blogs into a book about pregancy, it would be a bestseller. You would be among my most favorite writers!

    By the way, this is your Aunt Betty, even tho it is posted as Anonymous, because I cannot seem to figure out how to do this.

  2. I love reading your Blogs even though I resist modern day technology. I agree with your Aunt Betty that this would make a great, fun, and enjoyable book about being pregnant. Save all of this for your little one to read about one day too. You are a wonderful writer.
    Mimi Bets
    I am glad I am not the only one who can't figure out how to not be anonymous!!!

  3. I agree with Betty & Mimi. You are a wonderful writer and this would make a very good book.

  4. Yeah, yeah, yeah...thank you! But on to other news - BabyKer has the hiccups as I'm typing this and the feel like they are happening in the right place! As in, I think he changed his mind and went back to where he started. (Gets that from his mama.)