Monday, February 14, 2011

Captain's Log - Valentine's Day?

I am sitting at my desk at work for the last time before BabyKer's arrival (which will be forced, because as I predicted previously, he would be really early or just not want to come out at all - that's my boy).  And yes, I should be working and I have been and will be, but I'm taking a breather right now.  My counterpart left me high and dry today and decided to take today off, knowing I would have to cover for her and that I would already be incredibly busy wrapping things up.  Not going to miss her.  At all.

I know lots of people have money on when this baby is getting  here and I hate to disappoint all of you, but I have not had so much as a single contraction, not a pain, a cramp, or any sort of feeling whatsoever...he's being induced on Wednesday morning, and that is the day he will be born.  So if you picked that day, you win.  You cheated, but you win.  As for me, I have lost interest in being pregnant.  Ever.  BabyKer will be an only child.  If he really, really, really wants a brother or sister, we'll go get him one from another country and I will throw in a steak dinner for that baby's "gestational carrier" as a thank you for doing the work.  Another idea...I'll convince him that the family dog is also considered a brother or sister and we'll get him a puppy.

I do realize that my pregnancy has been "easy" and "boring" by all medical standards and I can appreciate that.  It's great news.  It also tells me that I am not cut out for this and if I happened to have a future pregnancy that wasn't so easy and boring, wouldn't want to be around for these final days, trust me.

So as I sit here with yet another bad case of heartburn and a hip bone that pops in and out of place, I could not be more excited to meet this baby.  I have a long list of selfish reasons why, but first and foremost, I'm just ready to see that he's healthy and happy and cute and to not have to wait a week between doctor visits to be reassured he's even alive.  I would also like other people to get the chance to hold him for a change too, I'm not going to lie.

Also coming to a close are my pig-like eating habits.  I was 100% focused on my health before, and I now will be again.  I made sure BabyKer will be a lover of all things sweet, and now my job is done.  Back to fish and veggies.  Sorry, ice cream, I'm breaking up with you.  After Wednesday of course, I still have today and tomorrow.  Other things I get to welcome back into my life?  Steaming hot bubble baths, entire glasses of wine, beer on the patio, sushi, turkey sandwiches, tuna steak, painting my toenails without breaking a bone, daily cups of coffee, is about to be so great!  Maybe we'll even remember to celebrate Valentine's Day next year, who knows?  We're thinking of today more as "LAST DAY OF WORK DAY!!" which is even better.

For the moment, even though you think otherwise, BabyKer is still BabyKer, despite what Peyton may have told you.  :)  Yes, we picked a name, and yes...he couldn't wait to share with some people....but there are still a few people in our lives who might say something negative about it and sorry...I'm not giving them the chance.  His name will be revealed once and for all on Wednesday.  Which is hopefully also the day we can decide on the middle name. Or throw everyone for a loop and name him something completely different than we've ever mentioned.  *Insert evil laugh here*

Until Wednesday (or probably later)...I'm busy that day.



  1. QHK or HQK is my fav...well 2nd fav. He will be little man Johnson to me...hee hee hee.

  2. Fantastic! and good luck! XO

  3. Being a Peyton, (at least by choice) and the mother of a Peyton, and the third cousin twice removed or whatever, and now the aunt of a Peyton by association, I vote for Peyton for a great nephew. But don't let me influence you.