Monday, June 2, 2014

How Can I Keep From Singing?

     First of all, I just want to ask that you take the time to read what I have written here in it's entirety.  I know you're going to roll your eyes sky high at the first mention of the "p-word", but I trust that you are reading my blog right now because you are interested in what I have to say, like my delivery, like ME...something to that effect.  So please have faith that this will be worth it.  I just want to make you think. You can roll your eyes at the end if you want to. 
     I mentioned in my last post that I am doing some things for me lately, or trying to, at the very least.  Plexus is one of those things, but I hate to say that it's for me, because technically, the enjoyment I get from it is because of what I get to do for others.  I have been doing this for a few months now, and have noticed that I hear the same things over and over again.  It's out of skepticism, I know, but where is the skepticism coming from? Maybe I feel like I've addressed anything you might be concerned about in my Facebook posts, but to you, maybe I haven't.  
     Let me start by saying that I have a full time job. P has a full time job.  We make a very stable income, have everything we need, and do many of the things we want.  I am not in this for the money.  After joining Plexus for the sole benefit of getting to buy my products for a lower cost, my sponsor added me to several Facebook groups and sent me a pile of information.  That is where my education started, which led me to my passion that I have for this company and it's purpose.  So knowing what I know, and seeing what I've seen - I just find people's skepticism unfounded.  So let me try to help. 
     The top reason I've encountered that keeps people from trying Plexus is the cost. It was my first fear too, but then I thought about it, and realized that if it worked, it would be totally worth it, so I just went for it.  Not everyone is going to be convinced so easily, so let me ask you - if you had to cut your budget today by a little under $100 per month, what would be the first thing to go? When I had each of my kids, I sat down to rework our budget, and when I had to look at what we could cut out, the first things I came up with each time were entertainment and food.  Not food to live, but food to make me happy.  You know, Starbucks, trips to the vending machine at work, the occasional (or not so occasional) meal from a drive-thru because I didn't feel like cooking.  Going out to eat for lunch just because a co-worker mentioned wanting to and I couldn't get the thought out of my head. Not to mention all the stops on the way to work for P's energy drink. With a family of three, one of those being a baby who ate very little, we were spending around $800-1000 per month on food/groceries/snacks/beverages.  So you can see how that was where I found my $100, right? Aren't most of us spending money somewhere that isn't necessary? And if you really think about it...isn't it pretty likely it's going towards something that's affecting your health in a negative way? The guy behind me at work drinks a 12 pack of soda per day. There's your Plexus. A woman I know who takes countless smoke breaks and drives through McDonald's every single morning for breakfast tells me she could never afford it. There's your Plexus. A drive thru meal for one person, three times per week, is not all that unheard of, is it? There's your Plexus. One energy drink per day, one Starbucks drink per day...are you getting the idea? And if you are already cutting back on those things, what are you spending frivolously? Do you treat yourself to scratch offs and lottery tickets twice a week? Do you pay for a Netflix account you never get around to using, or buy Groupons that you forget about? Just put some thought into where you are spending your money, and see what you find.  Now ask yourself, if Plexus really does work, wouldn't it be so much better to spend your money on than anything I just mentioned? 
     Skeptic excuse #2.  This one kills my soul, because it's by far the most ridiculous, however, it's a pretty common thought.  "It doesn't sit well with me to pay X amount of dollars for something to a company that can turn around hand checks to it's employees for $50,000.  They must be marking it up so much."  First of all, have you ever shopped in a store before? Think about it for a minute, if you need to, I'll wait........ok, are you done? What did you come up with? you have shopped in a store before? And did that "sit well" with you? You know the commercial you watched for that store that had a fairly big-name celebrity spouting off a couple of one-liners over the course of 30 seconds? Do you think that celebrity took home just a $50,000 paycheck?  That item you picked up off the shelf at the grocery store and tossed into your basket - did you ask yourself how much it was marked up before deciding if you really need it?  Because let me assure you - you DO NOT want to know what that item cost the company that produced it. Or what it cost the company who bought it from the company that produced it, so that they can put it on their shelves to sell it.  I don't know if you caught that, but that's two mark-ups. I've worked in retail for a while, with quite a large variety of products, and unless you handmade everything in your house from things you scavenged off your own land, you are surrounded by things that you paid anywhere from 30-90% higher than what it cost to produce. You may pat yourself on the back and think, "Oh, but I'm a bargain shopper!".  Well congrats to you for the savings (which might cover your Plexus), but you still put a pretty large wad of cash in someone else's pocket by paying for it.  No matter how much you saved, someone made money.  So what is the difference between all of that and Plexus?  How about the fact that those companies provide only a couple of handfuls of people the opportunity to live their financial dreams, through working 40-60 hours a week in an office with a dress code, and the rest of their employees work equally as hard, following the same dress code, working in the same office, sitting in the same traffic to make enough to live paycheck to paycheck, and for almost all of them, it will remain somewhat the same.  Plexus gives everyone the opportunity to make as much money as they want, work the hours that they want, become as financially successful as the CEO of the company, or just make some extra money for fun, if that's what they want to do.  Plexus marks up their product in the same way any other product is marked up, only they offer you chance to get it all back and then some.  And yes, that applies to even you. So if you think it doesn't make financial sense to buy from a company that pays it's sales-force well, then don't buy from them.  Sell for them instead and see if you like it better after that. 
     Skeptic excuse #3."What if it doesn't work? It can't do everything people say it can do." Do you think your news feed is bombarded with Plexus posts because it doesn't work??? This company did not pop-up 6 months ago, it has been around for years and has grown exponentially.  Don't you think if it didn't work, people would have caught on to that by now?  If you keep NOT trying Plexus because you think it MIGHT not work, the only person standing in your way is you.  Plexus has a 60 day money back guarantee because they know it works.  If it didn't they would be bankrupt right now. You can literally try whatever you want to for 60 days and then, if you really, really feel just as run down and awful as usual, they'll just send your money right back to you...that's free, for those who are math-challenged.  
     As far as what it says it can do, the company stands behind the things their products were designed to do. Lose weight, assist with leveling blood sugars and cholesterol, provide natural energy, oxygenate and energize your body, cleanse your system, deliver vitamins to your system with a better absorbency rate than your OTC vitamin, help with pain relief, etc.  It's what the people who use Plexus testify to that makes it even more amazing.  There are thousands upon thousands of actual, normal human beings out there whose lives have turned around, whose health has changed completely with the help of Plexus products.  You do not have to look too hard to find them, if you want to read about it.  So if you have seen the Plexus posts, and any of the above has run through your head and quieted the voice inside you that wants you to try it, how do you feel about it now?  And let me as you this? If you had heard from a commercial on TV and several of your friends that there was a product that really worked, sitting on the shelves at GNC or Walmart, would you really think twice about trying it?  I AM MORE TRUSTWORTHY THAN A GIANT RETAIN CHAIN. They do not care about your health, they care about their SALES. You do know that, don't you?
     When I first started reading the testimonies of Plexus users, I immediately began to think of my friends and family who could benefit. Almost none of them need to lose weight, and yet, I can think of reasons for almost all of them to try it.  If you heard about something that was providing relief to people who suffer from something someone close to you also suffers from, would you keep that information from them?  Or would you say, "Hey, I've heard this could help, why not try it? If it doesn't work, it's free." Would you feel better about doing that if it came from Walmart? Or maybe you just want to stick to what the doctor is prescribing because it's not working all the time, but sometimes it does, and the side effects are manageable, and yes, it's super expensive, but that's just life so....Also, everyone knows insurance companies are 100% trustworthy and it for the good of the people.  That's why they approve everyone's treatment plans and claims and allow them to try whatever it takes so that they may live and never, ever, ever allow anyone to die unnecessarily, which would just lead to John Grisham writing a book and a big movie deal, etc, etc.  So if you want to put all your eggs in the un-natural, chemical laced, side-effect ridden basket of money-suck, that is totally up to you.  But WHAT IF there was something else?  What if Plexus works?  What if you are pre-diabetic and you try Plexus and you never make it to "diabetic"? What if you are in pain every day, and could take something natural every day, not suffer any weight gain or sluggishness or mental cloudiness from it, and could just live pain free?  What if you want so badly to lose weight, but you just don't have the energy to do anything about exercising because you feel exhausted morning noon and night, and your cravings just keep getting best of you, and Plexus took care of all of that?  What if the everyday little annoyances you are living with like bloating, allergies, brain fog, weight gain, skin problems, were not just something you have to live with, but are caused by something in your gut that Plexus can help with?  WHAT IF?  And why wouldn't you want to find out??????
     Do you know understand, on any level, the passion I have for these products? Can you understand what motivates me and keeps me posting every day and talking to people every day, and jump way, WAY out of my comfort zone to share something that I really and truly believe in?  This is not a sales pitch.  This is my call to action.  I want you to think about everything I said and argue with me if you want to, I welcome it.  I want you to ask yourself who in your life could benefit from this non-risk, even if you don't want to try it yourself?  I want you to change the way you see my posts, and be happy for me, and for the people I am bringing along with me.  If you still want to roll your eyes, and I don't see how you could, go right ahead. I am not pushing statement necklaces or silicone muffin tins here.  I don't want you to share my passion for lip gloss and fancy flip flops...there is a place and customer for all of those things, but THIS is the thing that I am passionate about, and I want to inspire passion for it in everyone that I can, because your health is everything.  It's absolutely everything.

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