Thursday, May 26, 2011

To Sleep, Perchance to Somethingorother...

Why is it that the good days fly by while the bad days seem to drag on forever?  When Harrison is in a great mood, feeling well, sleeping lots and smiling even more, it seems like the day ends all too soon, and we wish he'd stay awake just a little longer so we can enjoy him for an extra hour.  

However, when Harrison is pooping all over his jammies, peeing on the wall (or my hair), throwing up on the outfit I just put on him, trying to throw himself out of the bathtub and waking up every hour...those days last centuries.  Which means we have been living the past three days for nearly three-hundred years, which is exactly how old and tired I feel today.  

I remember my uncle sitting at the head of the table a few months ago, almost a year ago, about to toast us on our pregnancy and telling us, "You're going to be so tired you'll think you're going to DIE."  He said it with a lot of feeling, and I now know that when I'm telling someone the same thing someday, it will need to be said with all the same drama, if not more.  Because the words are simply not enough.  

I don't have much else to say today, I think I've made my point.  My brain can't be asked to come up with much more right now anyway.  You pregnant people out there - sleep now and ignore the discomfort you're feeling in the night, because it's heaven compared to what your nights will be like soon!

And to my sweet little Harrison...if you promise to do all your business on the inside of your diaper today and to save all your sleepiness for tonight, Mommy will buy you a puppy.  

Which reminds me, pregnant people...if you have a dog, get rid of it NOW.  More on that later.

This too shall pass.  For now, I'm looking at pictures of H sleeping to remind me what it looks like.  

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  1. Just think, you get a few good years of sleep when they are between three and thirteen, then, you get to stay up again because they are teenagers and out past curfew. I feel your pain.