Monday, November 11, 2013

Hey guess what, I'm pregnant...

Yeah, so that's pretty old news at this point, since I'm due in December, but apparently I lost the blogging bug during this pregnancy.  What can I say?  Harrison is a toddler.  And that should pretty much explain it all.  My little man is quickly approaching his second birthday, but before that, he's getting a baby brother.  Two under two.  We're nuts.

This pregnancy has definitely not been the same as the first.  Mostly, I have not had the time on my hands to sit and reflect about what could be going wrong at any given point of the day, and so I don't spend the days between doctor visits thinking my baby has died and I'm going to be given the news at my next appointment. This poor kid.  Not being neurotic has made the last few months a lot more relaxing for me and those around me than I was with Harrison. But I also feel like I barely give this baby a second thought on some days.  He kicks and I'm like, "Hey, watch the the bladder..." and then start thinking about what's for dinner.  That is pretty much the thought that follows anything I do or say..."what's for dinner?"  I never knew I could be so hungry!  I'm already predicting Baby#2 will be 9lbs.  Any takers on that bet?  I could use the money on something nice for myself.  Yeah right.  Those days are far behind me.

In the meantime, we are somewhat trying to prepare Harrison for not being an only child (our first broken promise to him).  It's not like it's all that easy to have a really in-depth, informative conversation with a toddler who knows approximately sixty-five words.  So he can point to his tummy and say "bah-bee" and now thinks everyone has a baby in there, I'm sure.  He also recognizes what a baby actually is, so that's good.  Now whether or not he wants to share a house with one is anybody's guess.  We have moved him to his new big-boy room, complete with a twin bed, and brand new decorations.  He loves it.  I don't know how he's going to feel when someone else takes over his baby room, though.  I just need to focus on making his room ten times cooler than the nursery.  Since we (meaning me) are in nesting mode right now, we're also in the middle of turning the basement into a playroom/guestroom.  The basement is our previously-unused second living area, which has been home to all things homeless in our house until now, and it is one step down from the rest of the house, which is about as close to being a basement as you can get in Texas. Now, if people decide they really want/need to stay with us, they will have the pleasure of sleeping on a mattress on the floor in a room with no door or bathroom, and will be sharing space with a circus tent and a motion-sensor pony that could scare the pants off you in the middle of the night. I'll be testing that theory when #2 is here and waking up in the middle of the night, because we will heading straight for that room every time, in hopes that Harrison's sleep doesn't get disturbed.  I found out recently that Harrison really, really, really needs a good night's sleep.  Really.

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