Monday, November 11, 2013

Who Knows Where the Time Goes

I have to laugh after reading my last post.  Which I actually just hit "post" for, even though I wrote it last November, it looks like.  And that one was written a million years after the one before that.  That's life now. Blogging was something I did for me, and now showering is something I do for me.  So forgive me for skipping a shower today to finally post another blog.  It took me three tries to just log in, I couldn't remember what email address it's under, and then I was greeted with a picture of 9 month old Harrison and thought "Awwwww...I miss that little baby!"  

But hey, no worries!  I have a new one to play with!  Harrison got a little brother for Christmas last year, (early gift, 12/3) and his name is Declan and he is Harrison's total opposite.  Looks, personality, sleeping patterns, eating habits, you name it. Some days he is Harrison's best friend, and others, his biggest enemy. Like if Declan comes anywhere near a toy that Harrison has given any thought to in the past week.  "Nooooooo Deck-win!...Nooooo....Mommmyyyyyy!" *sigh*  I'm so tired.

Our little family of four is now complete, and even though Dex has been with us for almost a year, it feels like we are still working on settling into this whole work/life balance thing.  Some days are perfection, and some take every ounce of strength to get through, but every day is fulfilling and a gift.  I don't really know where I would be right now, had these beautiful boys not fallen into my lap, but it couldn't possibly be as fun.  I would be in better shape and my floors would be clean, but definitely not as fun.  Besides, I feel like the day might come when I actually have time to work out five days a week, sweep, mop, AND be a good it is possible to have it all, I'm sure.  Just not yet.  

So right now we are in a good place, the house is looking pretty good, only a couple of major projects we want to do, or the other option is to just pick up and move...I'm kind of for it, actually.  Peyton's in the same job and doing great things, and I just started a new one.  I'm 3 weeks in and I haven't done anything yet. all.  But I'm told I will have an avalanche of work soon, so that's something to look forward to during the holidays. Other than that, we have nothing going on.  No announcements to make, no more babies on the way (for once).  Hopefully this small amount of information will tide everyone over until next year, or the year after when I have a minute to write again.  I actually plan to write more from now on.  But hey, I also planned to be skinny by this past summer and that turned out to be a big bust.  (Real big).  So don't hold me to it.  

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