Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Fat, But Productive

You know that heavy/loud breathing thing that really obese people do?  Yeah...I do that now.  I just caught myself.  It's one of my pet peeves too, so this is really not an exciting development for me.  I remember sitting across the desk from this one boss I had a few years ago and just feeling disgusted, because as he rummaged around forever trying to find the file on his computer he was talking about, the only sound in the room was his heavy-for-no-reason breathing and the occasional ticking coming from his personal fridge full of snacks.  Which never kept him from pilfering from MY snack drawer anytime I left my office.  I even started to bring only cold food for lunch because if I put anything in the microwave, he'd come bounding down the stairs looking like it was Christmas morning and asking "Ooooooooh, what are we cooking??!!"  Also, he'd always stop in my office every morning and sit down to chat about nothing for a few minutes because his office was up a flight of stairs and he had to rest between the walk from his car and that large upward journey.  Ugh.  Now I'm THAT GUY.  Not that I've become obese, but still...just to count myself among the people that sound obese is not a good feeling.  What if I'm on the phone with someone I've never met?  I bet they're going to just assume.  They'll think to themselves, "It's a good thing this lady is canceling her cable, it sounds like she needs a reason to get off the couch."  You can tell I spent a good portion of my twenties being overweight, right?  Now I'm paranoid.

So other than my laborious breathing, everything is still pretty boring on the pregnancy front.  Still have a butt in my ribs, but I imagine it's a pretty cute one, so it's not really a big deal.  The baby is 90% named, I think.  Not that we're sharing, but we've been sort of stuck on one for a while now.  And guess what?  We ran it by Zoe and BabyKer and they both like it as well, so it's 100% approved.  Just have to see if it sticks now.  There's no telling with me though, my favorite color was green yesterday and today it's orange.  We have 49 days left (although I'd be perfectly happy with a few less than that), baby's head is getting bigger because my favorite part - his brain, is growing rapidly right now.  He is changing colors, from red to pink, and putting on some more body fat.  Hopefully, he's taking it from my reserves and not wasting resources.  Mom likes to recycle.

Exciting news!  We have a place to live.  It's hopefully pretty short-term.  We resigned ourselves to living in an apartment since no one seems to want to move out of their house during Christmas, which turned out to be incredibly inconvenient for us.  We'll try again in a few months.  But the good news is, BabyKer has his own room for me to paint some undecided (and surely to be re-decided) color. Peyton has been busy working on some paintings for his room too, so it's going to be pretty cute.  Bad news...Peyton is about to meet a new side of me, and I bet the first few days of living together are going to be rough.  Once we get over the initial control-freak decorator that lives deep down inside me, I think it's going to be fun, but please pray for our first week together :).  He has opinions and I am going to do my best to respect them.  Even though I think men should have no say in the matter.  I'm still going to try and be a better person than I've been in the past.  But this part of my personality is something I was born with and cannot be completely ignored, as demonstrated by the constant battle my parents faced with me when they would come home from work to find all of their furniture rearranged.  They had horrible taste, but could not be convinced of it.  I never gave up though.  If they came home today to find a certain ugly hall table missing, they would probably still know exactly which closet in which to find it.  It's like I was raised by apes, really - we have nothing in common.  But I digress.

Christmas was wonderful.  We had great visits with both of our families.  My grandmother was on great behavior, which made things much easier.  However, she was sporting a new wig and I kept seeing her across the room and not recognizing her, which was strange.  I giggled to myself a little when I saw she had slipped a copy of her Christmas letter into one of my gifts though.  Oh thank you...it's just what I wanted.  But everyone, including her, was more than generous to us and I have no complaints.  Well, except that I didn't get to drink wine with all my Christmas dinners, but there's always next year.


  1. love it Cassidy--this is MK by the way, I don't do the whole mess of signing up, but thoroughly enjoy reading each one of your blogs :)

  2. Sweet, funny Cass...I sure wish I'd been one of the family members to get to see you this holiday. This remote part of your family loves you dearly and sends you all our best wishes! Happy New Year BabyCakes! Aunt Becky