Monday, August 22, 2011

Harrison Bought a House

Such a busy time in our lives, sorry for not updating recently.  We close on our new house on Friday and are thrilled to be moving!  I really can't get out of the 2nd floor apartment fast enough.  And as if I needed further motivation, we have become infested with tiny ants in the past few days.  We thought it was limited to the kitchen, where they have been helping themselves to fresh baked loaves of bread, dog food and some delicious leftovers, but no...Peyton saw one on the shower head today.  Good.  Drown, you stupid freeloaders!  So the ants go marching onto the list of things I won't miss in four days.  Other items include: having to move the coffee table against the couch to have room to spend time on the floor with Harrison, thus trapping anyone on the couch and making it impossible to walk through the living room without walking on the coffee table (which I have done) or doing dancer-type leaps over Peyton while he plays video games (which I do beautifully).  Also not going to miss the ethernet cable which runs from our closet, down the hall, over the half wall in the dining room and into the living room.  If I ever trip and fall with Harrison in my arms, I will sue the person responsible, which will be counter-productive, as we share a bank account, but my point will be made nonetheless.  I will not miss lugging 80lbs of anything up our hot staircase, which we have had to curtain off ghetto-style in order to not send our $275 electric bills into the $300 range. I will not miss vertical blinds, parking 30 yards away, never checking the mail because it's too hot, and having to drive somewhere to pick up deliveries.  All of these things can go to hell.  I also will not miss Zoe.  What?  Who said that?  Peyton, are you typing right now too?  I do not wish her to go to hell, though.  She probably already thinks she's there anyway.

Other changes we have made: We traded in Harrison for a baby who can sit up and it's been a dream...just lovely, I tell you.  We named him Harrison as well, so there shouldn't be any confusion.  New and talented Harrison is also eating from a delightfully healthy and 100% organic menu of avocados, bananas, carrots, butternut squash, peaches, pears, zucchini, sweet potatoes, green beans, peas, brown rice and oatmeal, and soon to include mangos.  I, as the acting chef of these delicacies, find them all to be quite delicious and so does New Harrison, who gets a little fussy if you don't feed him at the quick pace he desires.  When he isn't eating or sitting up, he is trying his hardest to crawl, but just isn't quite there yet, much to my relief.  Besides the part about him just growing up so fast, I'm really just not ready to go into 24/7 chase mode just yet.  However, he is really cute when he tries, and has started to do a little thrust-and-grunt move which he thinks is helping.  It's not.  But it does help me laugh!  Here's a video:

Harrison's New Moves

Over the weekend, Harrison also discovered the art of throwing a fit for no reason.  Up until now, we could brag about how he never cries unless he's tired or hungry or not feeling well.  Lol. And lol some more.  He now has made the connection between crying and getting picked up, and therefore spend about 90% of his waking time this weekend in our arms, while we decide how we're going to handle this in the future.  For now, if we set him down right in front of us, and make sure he's still touching our leg or leaning on us, it's not good enough.  He can and will throw himself at us with arms outstretched and burst into tears.  It's just sad and cute enough that it works for him at the moment.  We'll have to do something soon, though.  The kid's heavy!  Throw in a double ear infection though, and he can have whatever he wants for a few days.

Yeah, he's probably going to end up a tiny bit spoiled.  And yeah...I'm probably not too worried about it.


  1. Damn, he's cute. Can I have him?

  2. Papa managed to fix his salad and baked potato all while holding my little toot last night. There will come a day where they are embarrassed by us, so it she wants to be held and cuddled now, then so be it!