Wednesday, August 31, 2011

MOVED! Ish...

We are officially in our new house!  And someday, hopefully sooner than later, it will feel like our house, and not the house of BettyWhite/Betty Davis, who not only had horrible taste (which we already knew), but also had severely questionable decision-making skills.  I'll elaborate on that shortly.

The move went pretty smoothly, actually.  I bet Peyton was a little skeptical when the three old white men I hired showed up to move us.  But they worked their butts off and did a great job and later revealed that they actually aren't old at all.  Never judge a book by it's cover, I guess?  One of them told us a story about how some 72 year-old woman thought he was her age, but he had to correct her and tell her he was only 52.  They had pretty worn book covers, ok?  It was an easy mistake to make.  Very worn.  Leathery and missing a few pages....anyway...

Instead of making all the trips back and forth with Peyton for the small stuff, I stayed at the house and painted.   The previous owner was a smoker with a dog.  Oh, and did I forget to mention she did a great job hiding the sixty-something dog pee stains with strategically placed throw rugs?  We found that part out the day before closing, when we also discovered that she had used heavy-duty two-sided tape to hold the biggest rug down, so....the carpet is making an exit soon.  Obviously.  So back to painting...first of all, I'm still trying to figure out why we didn't hire someone.  Of the three rooms we started with, zero of them are done, one has a great color, one has a decent color, and one is being repainted in a to-be-determined new NEW color.  I have to say, though, it looks a lot better than it did.  Let's just say her tastes didn't coincide with ours.  At all.  Here is a list of the colors we are painting over:

Rotting Avocado
Camel Fur
Blood Disorder
and my personal favorite...Defecated Mustard

That last one is appropriately spread all over the hall leading to the bathroom.  I will miss these colors as much as I miss our apartment.

So now that we officially live there, all the fun little things we didn't pay attention to are coming to light, and it's making our to-do list a little daunting.  But really, I could care less.  I love the house.  All the dumb little things the seller did can be fixed, and all the stupid little things she didn't do can also be fixed, and even with boxes everywhere and half-painted walls, it already looks better than it did and a lot more like us.  Well, a little more, at least.  As we were laying in bed the other night, I looked up and said, "Have you ever seen an uglier ceiling fan in your life?"  Peyton said, "Yes. In the living room."

Harrison loves his new house and could care less what anything looks like.  He has a huge living room to play in, another huge living room to eventually play in, a room that he clearly feels comfortable in, because he's slept through the night every night we've been there. (Knock on wood.  Now.)  He loves the backyard, which has lots of leaves for him to grab and put in his mouth.  The kitchen is big enough to put his jumpy in there while we cook, so he doesn't have to be alone. Now that I think about it, this is really Harrison's house and he is letting us live there too.  Sweet boy.  By the way, best compliment we've heard so far, "He's so adorable, I can't even stop looking at him."  Yeah, welcome to our world.

Now about Zoe. She may or may not be a permanent resident, it's still up in the air.  Given that the other dog already laid out the blueprint for where it's ok to pee in the house, her following in his footsteps would really just take the carpet from Unacceptable Level Yellow to Unacceptable Level Yellow-er.  But at the same time, I really find it annoying that she can spend twenty minutes in the backyard and then comes inside to poop. She's pretty much an idiot and I don't really like her they way I used to.  I know that's a sad thing to say, but it's true.  Also infuriating is when I am dieting and therefore only allowed a certain amount of food, and she jumps onto the coffee table and eats my dinner when I leave the room.  You don't mess with my when I'm hungry, I can't believe she hasn't figured that out after all this time.  So now that I've advertised so heavily, anyone want her?  She's a great dog...

This weekend, my aunt and cousins are coming to stay with us and help with little odds and ends around the house and I am SO EXCITED TO SEE THEM!  Maybe we can make all the doorknobs match while they are here.

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