Monday, October 18, 2010

At Least I'm Not a Worrier

The one thing I have wanted in life lately is to have something completed and checked off the list.  Anything.  Even if it's as simple as brushing my teeth, but that doesn't count because it pre-dates the baby list.  I thought last week was going to be my opportunity to mark off the first item - completing and mailing the hospital pre-admission forms.  Yes, that is already here.  It's due by my 26th week, so just in case, I got started during my 22nd week but guess what?  Four weeks may not be enough time for me to re-grow the brain cells it will take for me to be able to determine the difference between Babyker's biological father and his presumed father.  But that's not the part that initially dumbfounded me.  Page 1.  Mailing address.  Yep...I got stuck.  In a matter of 3.6 seconds, everything I could possible worry about in regards to an address went flying through my brain.  My mailing address now isn't what it will be when the baby's here, but I have to turn this in now, what do I do? What if I forget to update it before he's here and they mail his birth certificate to my apartment that I won't be living in, and where will we be living?  Should I just put someone's address in one of our families that's more permanent, but isn't that kind of weird, will it show up on his birth certificate that he lived with an aunt when he was born?  OH MY GOSH.  I CAN'T FILL IN AN ADDRESS.  Way to go, me.  The forms are now sitting on my desk covered in purple ink and white out tape and still requiring about another hour's worth of my attention.  

Moving on to item number two (which will soon mean "poop" in our house) on the list.  The baby registry.  I have been wanting to get this one out of the way for a couple of weeks, so before dragging Peyton to the scariest store on earth, I decided to get some of the less important small things out of the way first.  So I went online, started the registry and then realized that I am one of those annoying nerd-moms who will now have a plethora of knowledge about every tiny baby object and the materials that go into it because I can't make a decision about a bib without first doing 2-3 hours of research.  So after two weeks of that, I finally insisted that we just actually visit the store and get this over with.  I picked Saturday.  Rangers-play-off-game-#2-against-the-Yankees-day to be more precise.  Needless to say, I felt a little rushed, didn't get a chance to look at a lot of the things I wanted to look at, and will be making another girls-only trip later in the week to hopefully wrap this up once and for all.  Peyton is very happy with this news, trust me.  Three visits to a store that even intimidates me is probably enough for the poor guy. By the way, if anyone would like to offer up some baby gear advice, we are registered at Babies R Us and If you can contribute to me being able to sleep better at night because I've actually completed a task, you will no doubt be rewarded with extra baby hugs in the near future.  

Item number three on the list - finding a place to live.  I have about 6 weeks before we have to really and truly start thinking about this and I've just made the decision that I'm going to use every single day of that time not thinking about it.  Nope.  Not going to worry about how much it will cost, or how very pregnant I'm going to be when I have to move from my second floor apartment or how bad my dog is and how she doesn't deserve to come with me (I didn't just say that) or how I'm worried about living with someone that was probably never going to live with me until all of this happened....Ok, starting NOW.


  1. I looked over your registry....congratulations! you defeated the crazy-baby-gear-mania! With the thousands of products being hawked these days, it is so easy to get overwhelmed quickly. The majority of products are useless and a waste of money. Keep with the basics, I promise you won't need more than that, especially in the first year. The baby will survive just fine with out a glow-in-the-dark-butt-wipe-warmer :)

    Oh! And also, I would buy some products like bottles, diapers, pacifiers, etc. sparingly until the baby is here. Sometimes you have to try things first, before knowing what baby agrees with.

  2. Well, little girl. I have started a box, per your suggestion. SURPRISE!

  3. .. just finished your last installment and I have a real feeling of loss....I was SO happy. Please say it isn't so.....PLEASE