Monday, October 4, 2010

Pleeeeaase be a nerd...

Yesterday, I endured about an hour of my tummy "twitching". After Googling it to find out the cause, I discovered three things.

1) Either the baby had the hiccups or
b) the baby was moving around a LOT and causing ripples in the amniotic fluid, which is not nearly as adorable as the hiccups
Last) Most people who comment on the internet, in general, have horrible spelling and grammar skills. It's embarrassing.

We'll come back to the illiteracy problem in a moment. First, I want to brag about how active the baby is. I am feeling him move so much more now, and it still startles me sometimes, but I love it. Hopefully, he's getting some energy out of his system now so that he'll be nice and sleepy for the first year or so of his life. In honor of his activity level, I bought him his first golf outfit this weekend, complete with stuffed vinyl golf bag filled with silver lame golf clubs. (Boys...that's pronounced luh-MAY, and you don't need to worry about it, it's a fabric.) While shopping with my friend, I also noticed that girls require quadruple the number of outfits that boys do, as indicated by the presence of as many more racks of girl clothes than boy clothes, not to mention the number of items in my hands, versus the number of items in her...arms. Mackinley, you are a very well-dressed little girl! (She's also the cutest little girl.) So basically what I'm trying to say is...have I mentioned I'm thrilled to be having a boy? We could not have afforded a girl, and I don't have the patience to match outfits that well.

Also over the weekend, we saw The Social Network. While Peyton's vision of our child consists of an amalgam of star athletes from each major sport, my vision is Mark Zuckerberg with better manners (but not at the sacrifice of his dry wit). Maybe Mark Zuckerberg mixed with Harry Potter. I have a big place in my heart that has been especially reserved for nerds. I always have. They seem to make the best humans. Maybe our son can be a combination of super-nerd meets super-athlete. Like Superman. Only no cape or tights. And also no skulls and cross bones or camouflage. I told a friend this weekend, my son will have long hippie-hair and wear clothes made of hemp.

Anyhoooo.....whatever he is, he will be able to spell and speak intelligently, and will never embarrass me on internet forums by answering questions in broken English, especially considering English will be his first language. Google seems like such a simple tool. However, it took me well over an hour and a half to dig through time-wasting responses such as "I don't know" (then WHY did you answer?), annoying spelling mistakes like "for the pass few hours" and "I have a twitching filling", and my personal favorite, "Maybe you havin twins." Yes. Maybe that's it. Thank you.


  1. Little Man Johnson!!!

    He will get bullied wearing hemp cloths...just sayin. :-)

  2. At that point, his hemp clothes will act as his super-hero costume, and he will go ninja on the bullying offenders. And if that doesn't work...they're going to have to deal with mama. They don't want that.

  3. If he has your way with words, there is no chance of illiteracy, and he will be set for life. So will Mama when she sends some of her material in to Letterman!

    I have to agree with the hemp clothes comment, though. Don't be going there.

  4. Having been a teenager during the days of long hair and lots of hemp, I can say it "ain't pretty." (apologies for the improper English Cassidy. It is poetic license.)
    I share your like of nerds. They are usually intelligent, which is far more stimulating than a good-looking, self-absorbed dummy.
    P.S. Sorry to be anonymous. Cannot figure out how to get my name on this, and the drop down choices are nothing I recognize.

  5. Hey Cassie...I'm with you: I love a nerd! Love you, Aunt Becky

  6. Thankyou for the comment on William's Nursery on HGTV. Very sweet of you to look.

    Cute cute blog! I enjoyed reading it on the BB quickly - congratulations on the baby boy - they are such a joy.

    I replied about the mobile above your comment - hope it helps. I forgot to mention that it only took me about an hour and $20 - I hope you try it. William loves it - though now that he's taller and walking - he's starting to try and grab the feather balls...I kinda wonder how much longer I'll be able to keep it there! Good luck!

  7. meant to include an easy link for you to get back there...