Monday, October 11, 2010

Project, Anyone?

I have been searching high and low for some baby/crib bedding that I don't hate. I gave up loving it a long time ago, and just wanted to find something that I could live with for a while. It's not possible. I don't like any of the matching baby ensemble crib bed-in-a-bag things that are out there, I don't like the fabric choices on the customizable bedding websites, and most of all, I don't like themes. What I do like, is having the ability and freedom to see something I like and add it to the room without having to wonder if it "goes" with everything. So I registered for some plain, natural bamboo crib bedding, and the rest of Babyker's room will be whatever we want it to be.

Congratulations, everyone - this involves you. Between Peyton and me, we know a lot of very talented and creative people, and would love to be able to have a little piece of everyone to decorate the most important room in the house. Doesn't matter if you're more crafty or artsy or you think you don't have any creativity at all. Whatever you contribute, it will make Babyker's room that much more special. I'm getting all teary-eyed just thinking about it. No really...I am.

I will not harass and demand things from Peyton's side of the world - I'll let him do that. A lot of you haven't met me, so I maybe still have a chance to seem nice. As for MY family and friends...especially my family, you have basically been given a mandatory assignment that will serve as a prerequisite to being allowed to look upon the perfection that will be our child. Naturally, there is a deadline. The baby will be here in February and he will know if your gift arrived last minute because I will tell him. I will also explain to him what an afterthought is and give him a list of names, and trust will get peed on. There's a reason I wanted a boy. So before he arrives, I would love to have my hands on whatever creation you wish to bestow upon him. Let's say January. I'll even let you ship it on my dime, just let me know and I'll give you my FedEx account number.

Need an idea?

Paintings - lots please!
Other wall art
Photo boxes
I don't're the creative ones.

Notes to consider:
- Laura, I want a copy of Jacob's watercolor, but that doesn't count, he has to make something new still :) Also, the flower Jax started for me almost a year ago will not count. Start from scratch. (I'm so bossy!)
- Babs...just so you know, I really loved the boxes you made for all of us a few years ago, and what a great place to keep and hair and teeth and other things that fall off the baby that I might want to keep.
- Kim and Becky, living in another country does not excuse you.
- Pastel colors are gross.

Feel free to email me with any questions.


  1. If you ever see a photo that you want, let me know, I'll print it and frame it for you.

  2. Little Man johnson...not

  3. My sewing machine and I are just waiting for direction! You can have whatever custom bedding/pillow/quilt/blanket with whatever embroidery and we are here to please! I can do curtains too.

  4. What are his initials? You crack me up!

  5. Asoftoday, his initials are undecided. I will FB you what we are thinking.