Thursday, October 28, 2010

Goodnight Moon

I FINISHED MY REGISTRY!  Once I have fully recovered from yesterday and allowed this monumental occasion to sink in, I'm going to do jumping jacks.  Like three of them, maybe. It's hard to imagine that right now, though.  Holy. Tired. Batman.  

Yesterday, I spent all day working on decorating our office for halloween.  We're doing A Nightmare Before Christmas and it's kind of a lot of work.  Manual work. All day. I was exhausted by 2:00 and by 5:00, I was laying on the floor behind my desk with my feet in the chair and wondering how I would ever get back up.  I have no idea how it happened, but I found myself right-side-up again and on my way to Babies R Us to meet Janelle and finally finish exploring the universe of baby and telling it what I need.  I'm so glad she was there...I deleted several things from the list, added about forty-nine more...found out what some of this stuff actually does, learned that a receiving blanket actually does have some purpose, and maybe even lots of purpose.  Who'd have guessed?  Probably everyone but me, actually.  Anyway, we finished up, went to dinner, then headed home.  I sat on the Tollway in traffic for forty-five minutes at 9 p.m. and fell into bed when I got home.  I have never been so physically and mentally tired in all my life.  No really.  Never.  So naturally, I woke up six times, couldn't fall back asleep one of those times, spent a lot of the night listening to Zoe snore like a grown man or scratch herself and now I will spending the day in the realm of the walking dead so I can be around others like myself.  It's a support system.  

Seriously though...I finished something.  I'm so HAPPY!  

But now that I know what this kind of tired feels like, I'm wondering how to survive the next eighteen years of my life.  And just so you know, there was a ten minute pause between the last sentence and this one during which I fell asleep at my desk.  It's not looking good.  I just did it again. I'm out.


  1. You just THINK you're tired. Let's talk in February. Okay, okay, many times before that, too.

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  3. Cassie, this should give you hope:
    ...research that shows motherhood makes the brain GROW!
    Your OTHER AuntB