Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Answer is NO.

I knew the first question out of my grandmother's mouth would be, "Are you getting married?" And it was. I was prepared for that. She was very good (that day) about not bringing it up again after I firmly told her no. Since then, the china I was promised two years ago upon her eventual passing (she likes to prepare) has suddenly become conditional. Now I can have it when I get married. Isn't that cute? For a minute there, she almost had me convinced that six place settings were fair trade for committing to a lifetime with someone who doesn't really like to commit. That goes for both of us. He's been there, done that and doesn't ever want to do it again...and I make bad choices and don't really trust myself to "choose wisely". For obvious reasons. But all of this was expected. She is my conservative, Southern Baptist grandmother and truly believes there is only one way to do things. (Until recently, when she landed a boyfriend, but that's another story.)
As for co-workers, I guess I kind of thought that since this has no effect on them whatsoever, that the marriage question would not be an issue. Until this morning. I was actually asked the question, "So are you two going to make this official?" I asked what we would be making official, exactly. "Well, you know, are you going to get married?" There was actually a hand gesture that went with that part, but I'm unfamiliar with its origins. My response was, "Well you see...this is actually already very official. The baby is alive and happening and I'm not really sure how much more official a metal ring would make that." He said he was sorry. He has to say that to me a lot. However, this is the guy who has been insisting to the other knocked up chick (which is how I like to refer to us) that she simply must get a mid-wife. He's very modern in his thinking, clearly.

Suffice it to say, I will not be defending myself at any point for the decisions that Peyton and I make about our relationship. It belongs to only us, and we are the only ones who need to worry about whether or not we're married, and right now, neither one of us are worried at all. There is a baby on the way and that is much more important.


He is currently living on my right side, moving a tiny bit and has the new ability to hiccup and suck his thumb. He must also be going through a growth spurt because I'm up to about 8 meals a day. Snack-size meals, obviously. Mostly. He actually looks human now, so they say. I personally can't wait to see that for myself. We have a doctor appointment next Thursday, after many years of waiting, that will prove that for me. If things go my way, which is almost never but I'm holding out hope, we will also get to see baby's um....wiener? We're going to have to discuss what to call that once he's here and discovers it for himself, because mom's about as mature as a preschooler about that stuff. He's going to think his little thing is referred to as the sound of giggling. Things could also not go my way, and we might have a girl on our hands, but we'll cross that bridge if we come to it. (She'll have to look good in blue, that's all I'm saying.)


  1. These posts make me smile! And you will never get over the fact your boy(if you have one) somehow starts playing with his goods within months of being born, he realizes he hands and VERY soon after realizes he has another appendage.

  2. NO comment or advice of any kind on the marriage thing here, my love. It makes NO difference in how much we love you.

    As for the wiener thing, the boys have always used the correct terminology for their anatomy (you know, penis and testicles LOL - are you giggling), but girls have "china" and "overalls" according to Jax when he was two. He may still think that ...

    LOVE you ALL!!!!!

  3. So, we're back to the "china." I bet we could find you some if the current set doesn't suffice.

  4. But GM neglected to tell you that the china and crystal are being stored in my attic! So who's got control now?!

    And as far as boys go, once they've found it, they NEVER forget they have it and constantly have to touch themselves to be reassured that they are all still there!

  5. Glad you are back blogging. I can't wait to find out whether to buy those cute itty bitty blue socks, or those cute itty bitty pink ones! Since I never had my own, I intend to fully indulge myself in the cutest things I can find for the new baby CassiPey.

  6. I'm glad I'm back too! It was hard to be quiet!