Friday, August 6, 2010

Boy Parts Or a Lack Thereof...

I was all set to blog about my adventure with the Intelligender test today ( but did not and probably will not happen. I ran the idea by Peyton and was told it's not something I should spend $35 on when I could add that money to the baby fund and we'll find out anyway in *sigh* EIGHT WEEKS. Every party has a pooper...

But in the meantime, I have looked up some old wives tales to try out and those have been somewhat fun. The Chinese Lunar Calendar said last weekend that it was a boy. I tried it again yesterday on a different website though...GIRL. The swinging needle test also pointed to having a boy. Last weekend. But when I moved the test to the ceiling fan-less dining room, it too changed to girl. So basically, these tests are crap and don't have any more accuracy than a Ouija board. But did that ever stop me from playing with my Ouija board? NO.

So I'm thinking about being a guinea pig for the Intelligender people, conveniently located in Frisco, TX. (I win!) I'll get to do the test for free and get rewarded with a $25 Target gift card. You see, Peyton? You see what girls are like? Still wanna say it's a girl?

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