Monday, August 2, 2010

Watching The Clock

Tomorrow, I will be 12 weeks. TOMORROW, all the books say, I will start to feel better and have more energy. I know I shouldn't take this literally, but with only 8 hours and 32 minutes left until the possibility of being able to do a load of laundry without following it up with a nap, or waking up and eating breakfast and actually getting to keep it...I can't help but hope.

When I'm not stressed, I'm fine. I spent the weekend with my family in Houston and introduced them to Peyton, who they
loved. (Of course.) Not even a hint of sickness the whole time. But back on the road to Dallas, it was back. Coming to work every day doesn't seem to be this baby's idea of fun either. (Wonder where he gets that?) If I could just take a 6-9 month vacation, this would go much more smoothly.

Speaking of Houston, my family was so great and excited and supportive, which only adds to MY excitement. Peyton has been telling people left and right, but I have been saving this news from just about everyone until I was closer to 12 weeks, and because I wanted to tell family before telling anyone else. I would never do anything as silly as to wish I lived in Houston, but I am now wishing Houston was about 250 miles closer to Dallas. Two of my aunts and I spent most of Saturday afternoon shopping and I can now say I have been to Babies R Us a) without having a panic attack and b)
had a good time. I never thought I would see the was literally a year ago that I stood in that place with a baby registry in hand and tears in my eyes and called my best friend to make her tell me EXACTLY what she wanted and EXACTLY where to find it.

Without knowing the baby's gender...well, "officially" knowing...I was hesitant to let them buy anything, but there was no stopping them. At one point, I told them we needed to go before there was nothing left for me to buy my own baby. To which they replied, "What makes you think this isyour
baby?" Touche.

So now I'm sure I will be slowly letting my friends in on the big news. And at some point after that, people at work are going to start to notice. Because that is going to be how they find out. It's hard to be a private person when you work with mostly women and you start to gain weight. Women LOVE to talk, and even more, they LOVE to talk about who's getting fat and why. For now though, I'm keeping this a happy time and keeping co-workers in the dark. I deserve a few more weeks of peace.

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