Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Queue The Waterworks

I don't want to jinx things, but yesterday was amazingly comfortable. That's right...12 weeks TO THE DAY, just like I've been praying for, I woke up feeling great with lots of energy. Today has been pretty good too, so I'm hoping this sticks. As I type this, I do feel a little queasy, but I also just downed a huge lunch and then treated myself to a trip to Stein's Bakery for a petit-for as a reward for being pretty. Whoops. Overdid it. Can't complain though! I did this. And it was worth it.

Despite yesterday's good things, I did encounter a new joy of pregnancy that I had yet to experience. Sudden, uncontrollable crying. Five times in one day, I might add. Let's see, there was my aunt telling me I'm a great writer. Other people might smile at the compliment. I teared up. Then one of my best friends announcing she's leaving the company soon. Unacceptable. Peyton asking about my old dog Turk. I almost stopped breathing for that one. Then an episode of Teen Moms and a strangely timed realization that the words "I Love You" are entirely underused in my life. It was pretty pitiful. Oh wait, make that SIX times. I also finished reading
The Help and if you haven't read it, DO IT. I can't wait to see what gets me today. I should probably avoid watching Animal Planet.

Honestly, I'll take crying over having to nap in my car any day. I've always been an emotional person, so I already have all the right make-up and a technique of looking up at a light at just the right angle to make my glasses reflect it, thus hiding the redness of my eyes. THIS I'm prepared for.

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