Friday, August 27, 2010

Thank God.

Thank God that the past is what's behind me, so that I never need to look upon it again. Thank God that the mistakes I made before have led me to where I am now. Thank God I get to wake up in the mornings knowing that the day will bring peace and happiness instead of heartache and anger. Thank God that I listened to my heart and walked away when I was supposed to, and thank God for the reward I was given for doing so. Thank God I'm not a drunk and that I don't have to spend my days with one. Thank God I have found someone who makes me want to be a better person. Thank God I am now with someone who is more than I deserve and that I'm no longer with someone who made me feel like I was being punished. Thank God that the life growing inside of me will be the product of two people who are kind to each other, respect each other, love each other, and find peace with each other. Thank God I let go of the wrong person. Thank God I figured out, before it was too late, that he was so much like my father. Thank God there are so few truly good people in the world and I somehow managed to find one. Thank God I can't bring myself to settle. Thank God for giving me the strength and courage to always rise above in the end, no matter how far down others bring me. Thank God I have waited this long for all of these blessings to find me. Thank God for the life that I have built for myself by surrounding myself with the people that matter and letting go of the ones who don't. Thank God I am happy, and don't find comfort in bringing others down - what a burden that is. Thank God for knowing what was needed in our lives, even when we didn't. Thank God I am finally becoming the best version of myself. Thank God I can finally be ok with relying on my friends and family. Thank God I can finally accept the things they have to offer. Thank God for my health, which impresses even my doctor. Thank God for the "block" feature on every form of communication there is. Thank God for providing peace to others who need it more than I do right now. Thank God for helping them through whatever they are going through. Thank God I've learned to listen. I hope others are able to do the same. Thank God for watching over my safety. Thank God life goes on. Thank God for goodbyes. Thank God for all the heartache that has taught me how to heal and made me appreciate happiness. Thank God for forgiveness. Thank God for the ability to turn away from the pride and spite that resides in others. Thank God for the little tap on my shoulder and quiet whisper in my ear. Thank God for my family, blood or otherwise. Thank God it's over. Thank God it's just beginning. Thank God for all of it.


  1. I love this post Cass! I'm so glad you're at peace & happy; which is what I've always hoped for you. I'm thankful that I'm still part of your life and can't wait to meet this little blessing that my kids are old enough to babysit. haha I told you they'd be in high school or close by the time you had a baby. :)

  2. The Cure was wrong, boys do cry. I'm getting all mushy inside.

  3. WE have thanked God for you every day of your life, my precious girl. We are so blessed to have you and Peyton and little whos-its in our lives.