Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Week In Review

So much to talk about since last week. For starters, the replacement Intelligender test arrived and this time, gave me clear results. Unfortunately for all of you, I'm not telling you what those were because all shopping has to come to a halt until until September 23rd, when an actual doctor confirms it. See how mean I am now? Sorry.

Thursday, we had another doctor visit. It mostly consisted of waiting, and then about 20 minutes of chatting with the doctor who says everything looks great. I gained one pound. We heard the baby's heartbeat again. I didn't have to endure any needles, so overall - success. We scheduled my next appointment for 5 weeks later instead of 4, which will put me at 19 weeks and therefore...we will be finding out the sex. If I have to lay there all day and wait for the baby to learn how to do somersaults, I will. We are finding out the sex that day. I don't know how some people wait for this kind of information on purpose. In other news....I will be a very patient mother. No really, I will. I'm working on it.

Here in Texas, this weekend was tax-free weekend, so we decided to do some baby shopping. Which meant looking at how cuuuute and peeerrrfect the little boys things are then forcing myself to venture over to the girls stuff and find stuff I liked there as well. There were actually some non-pink, decent looking outfits that I guess would be ok. We ended up buying two outfits. Both were three-piece pants-tee shirt-jacket combos, one for a boy, one for a girl. I like the blue one much better, in case you were wondering. We Peyton-shopped for a bit, which is so much easier and more fun than shopping for me, by the way. And then...we walked into Motherhood. Oh....NOOO.... I was immediately overcome with depression. This? This is where I am now forced to shop? It was as if I was standing in a Kmart in some indiscernible decade where Bedazzlers and polyester rule the night. The visit lasted approximately 2 minutes, which, in this horrible porthole of doom, felt like eternity. I left trying to think of creative new ways to never have to step into a pair of maternity pants as long as I live.

But never fear, the day was saved. If you were smart (like me) you jumped on last Thursday's Groupon offer, which was $50 to spend at the Gap for $25. So after leaving the mall, we headed to the Gap and I wandered over to the Gap Kids area and there, way in the back corner was the maternity section. And this, my friends, is where I regained hope. Every single thing I tried on was cute. All of it!! Even the weird, elastic-waistband jeans! Who's have guessed? So I bought pretty much everything I tried on (except for one shirt, which I accidentally stole) and left very happy. And did I mention that Peyton sat there patiently while I tried everything on and came out to show him every single outfit? I bet that was fun for him...

Fast forward to the next day, I was sick all day. The "can't get out of bed or even consider eating a bite of anything" kind of sick. Yes, the morning sickness is over. Yay. It has now been replaced by "completely sporadic sickness that hits with no warning". Ew. So onto better subjects.

We have a list of names we like, but right now, it's growing instead of being narrowed down and that's the way we want it. So please send us your suggestions!

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